1 old factory. 7 days. 13 performers. Hundreds of stories. One of them, yours...

In August 2012, a group of dancers, musicians, builders and artists arrived in the small hamlet of Upper Jay, NY, where we took up residency for one week in a historic Model-T assembly factory on the shores of the Ausable River. The factory, now a community arts center and upholstery shop, was thusly reinvented, using the stories and creative input gathered from those who helped us to fund this project.

What was produced?

For one week we worked in and around the space, moving, composing, choreographing, assembling, designing, rehearsing, and ultimately - on the night of August 25th - performing an evening-length interactive piece for an audience of almost 200, that pervaded every inch of the premesis. Drawing from the town and factory's history, its present use, and the hundreds of stories gathered from our contributors, the magical world we created for our audience to experience reflected the community who helped inspire our work. Furniture hung from ceilings, and the river outside invaded the building through song and wet bodies moving from its currents up ladders, through windows, across rooms; the audience was led to "heaven" and "hell" and back again, via creaking narrow wooden stairwells and past rattling teacups, an indoor riverbed, living portraits, pop-up dance performances, errant song trails, and an all-out hootenanny.

WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY that chronicles this project.

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