The Space We Make is currently available for the re-creation of its inagural project The Space We Make: Upper Jay and the creation of new original works built custom to the space or context of your choosing.

We thrive off investigating and exploring uncommon ground for performance, whether it be an old factory turned antique store, the many generations of a family that shared a common home, a city building or block, or a plot of wheat field seeded and turned by thousands of different hands. 

These are just some of our possible points of departure, where we dive into our creative process to create something more, something different from these places and people you hold dear.

Residency, and the intimacy and investigation it allows, are central to the work of the collective. 

As we are not simply a repertory company, each work or re-investigation of work demands time and space so that it may be tailored to its specific setting.  Using all number of mediums and modes - dance, music, soundscapes, improvisation, sculpture, installation, film, and more - as well as our revolving roster of talented artists, we want to take the pieces of a story provided by you and flesh them out further, expand their nuances and subtleties and bring to the surface connections between people, place and history that have never yet surfaced.  And in doing so we honor and elevate these people and places, taking the fleeting and ephemeral and setting them down in time and space in a way it has never been viewed before. 

Let us help you tell the your story in a way you never imagined.  Book us.