FOUR BY FOUR is a site-specific film project, based around the documentation of performance created along the sidewalks of one city block. Performers of any medium (dance, music, visual arts) will be paired up and assigned to one length of the block in order to create a fluid, dynamic performance along said expanse. Their only guideline will be to integrate the physical/special/aural environment of that block into the performance they set.

The film will be shot in one continuous camera shot (and audio capture), documenting live each length of the composite block by moving counterclockwise around it twice. As performers inhabit and move through their respective spaces, they’ll simultaneously craft a specific relationship that they choose to have with the camera (moving along with the camera, performing statically and let it pass them by, etc).

With the reinvention of shape (a block, a square, a line) and space (a sidewalk, “social space,” “business space”), this immersive, guerilla-style performance seeks to capture the fleeting nature of the interstices between shape and space: the solid construct of the block, and the ever-moving, ever-evolving nature of the sidewalks that demarcate it.

*** color maps by Hermann Bollmann, 1962; black & white map from "The Community Archeaology Program"