KANSAS is an envisioned film project based on multi-disciplinary, site-specific performance developed and performed in the middle of a thousand-acre wheat field, in the heart of Kansas. Owned by co-director Simon Thomas-Train’s family for over a century, this land has produced vast crops of wheat for decades. It has been worked by hundreds of hands. It has baked in the Midwestern sun, and speaks to the most iconic realizations of the American Dream. 

Through a two-week residency and one-week film shoot, dancers, musicians, sculptors, and filmmakers will grow from the ground up another world, just as fertile and perhaps just as golden, as the endless wheat fields from which it will rise. To remake the iconic in a way that does not oppose or ironize it, but rather, serves to lift it up and expand it to include the vastness of the human imagination.  It is a film that picks at the roots of humans and their land and why they choose to sink those roots where they do.