• CHECK OUT AN EXCERPT OF OUR NEWEST WORK-IN-PROCESS, DELORES | STROKE. Next show will feature all-new material, building upon our unraveling of the Fisher King mythos in all its faceless glory … NYCers, check it out! WHEN: Tuesday, Sept 15 2015 @ 7:30 sharp WHERE: Dixon Place // Main Theater // 161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002 TIX: $12 here –>

  • Spring has sprung and so have we: Come get mythic-calm and epic weird with co-directors of THE SPACE WE MAKE, Simon Thomas-Train & Caitlin Scholl, for the first reveal of our budding traipse through the Grail Kingdom.

    When you leave you might be asking: Just who IS Delores Stroke?


    Tuesday | 05/26/15 | 7:30PM

    Dixon Place
    161 Chrystie St
    New York, NY 10002


  • Brooklyn babes, get ready for an excerpt from the ever-evolving THE WHITE WHALE THE WHITE WAIL. Coming to you this Wednesday at the Green Building in Gowanus, as part of Gowanus Art + Production’s !FIRST LOOK! Series.


    Wednesday | 5/20/15 | 8PM

    452 Union Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11231


  • Hey Folks!

    Take a gander at what we’ve been up to over the past year. Hope you can join us for some Space Making in 2015…


    The Space We Make


    JAN 23, 2015 // 7:30PM // SPOKE THE HUB (748 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215)

    * * * 5-minute excerpt of the work, to be shown at Spoke the Hub as part of their Winter Follies series

    MAR 6-7, 2015 // TIME TBD // UPPER JAY ART CENTER (1 Springfield Road, Upper Jay, NY 12987)

    * * * Evening-length adaptation in a former-model-T factory, and current art center and upholstery shop. This is where The Space We Make got our start, and it’s going to be an amazing show!

    May 20-21, 2015 // TIME TBD // GOWANUS ART & PRODUCTION (The Green Building; 452 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11231)

    * * * 15-20 minute excerpt of the piece showcased in GAP’s series, First Look!

  • What’s new with THE SPACE WE MAKE? Well… We are kicking it this week and next at the Window @ 125 (E47th St., bw Lex. & 3rd), as part of a cool performance series “Close Encounters,” brought to you by ROVE & the Roger Smith Hotel.

    From 8am-7pm, our artists inhabited the window box with words, dance, music, and other wild sounds both of this world and others.

    Come see us again next Tuesday, June 24th, from 8am-7pm as we open up the pages of Moby Dick and bring you performances from our most recent work-in-progress, THE WHITE WHALE THE WHITE WAIL.

    Individual performances will occur all day; we’ll perform as an ensemble from 5-7pm; Enjoy rooftop cocktails for Happy Hour at the Roger Smith Hotel from 5-8 and mix/mingle with our artists after the show!



    A snapshot/soundshot of our May 25th performance of this work-in-progress!

    We’re currently scouting for SPACE to expand and perform this piece in NYC… email if you have any whalish leads…


    While Simon and I never thought for one second this show would be THE WHITE FAIL, we were very cognizant of the fact that we basically ran 2 rehearsals (with everybody) before performing on Saturday night. And though this might be an anxiety-generating kind of schedule for other performance companies… it seems to be THE SPACE WE MAKE’s M-O.

    Quick'n'dirty is how we do it, in other words.


    THE SPACE: The crumbling, basement communal shower room of an abandoned hospital building (now repurposed as the illustrious arts@renaissance art space). Resonant. Strange. A tiled basin giving way to holes in the ceiling. As Justin Allen began the performance in the corner, with banjo pickings and his soulful voice crooning around every nook and cranny of that fishbowl - “black whale… black sea” he sang, whilst I was thinking (in part): “black mold….. all around me.” But whatever. That’s the price you pay for performing in non-traditional settings. (And also I’m pretty sure the black mold was fairly well relegated to the storage closet in the hallway).


    THE MAKERS: We could never work on this kind of timeline, with the little-to-ZERO resources we have (still can’t pay our lovelies – though that’s the goal!! – and all the rest of the $ we need for these projects come out of Simon & my pockets directly :-/ ), if we didn’t have the very best people and performers on our team. Seriously. We pinch ourselves when we think about how lucky we are to be working with these people… and that they actually want to be involved in the weird projects we’ve dreamed up. HUGE thanks to those who made the performance what it is, in its entirety… your beautiful minds and voices and bodies ARE THE SPACE WE MAKE! — @Jenna Riegel @Lea Fulton @ Christina Robson @ John Mosloskie @ Justin Allen @ Emma Wiseman

    Love you guys!

    And to wrap this up… here’s a little glimpse of who these geniuses are:

  • THE SPACE WE MAKE performs SAT, MAY 25, 8pm til late!


    Saturday, May 25 starting at 8pm
    Admission is a contribution to the Free Bar or Free Boutique
    Such as: a six pack of beer, soda, chips, or the shirt in the back of your closet that you never wear.

    at Arts@Renaisance
    2 Kingsland Ave (@ Maspeth Ave), Greenpoint
    Enter at Garden Level map

    The evening is the typical, overstimulated AUNTS evening with multiple performers, overlapping performances, open dance parties, multi-disciplinary, body/non-body based, time oriented, finished/experimental/unfinished/process art, all culminating in a big dance party at the end of the night.

    Featuring: Emily Wexler, Laura Bartczak, Kirsten Schnittker, Nora Stephens, Michael DiPietro & Friends, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Elspeth Walker, The Space We Make, Marin Sander-Holzman, Matt Romein and Sophie Sotsky, Sophie Bromberg, Kanene Holder, Lauren Underwood, Megan Harrold, Lorene Bouboushian, Sarah McSherry, Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, Ian Turner

    The Chain Curation series is a performer-driven, dance curation project that is five evenings of 3-hour events. AUNTS invites 15 - 20 initial artists to start out the curation. Those artists then choose another artist to perform on one of the evenings. That artist chooses another artist for another evening and so on, completing the chain for all five events.

  • !! OPEN CALL for creative translations of MOBY-DICK !!



    … All translations will be creative fodder for THE SPACE WE MAKE’s upcoming performance at St. Nick’s Alliance in Brooklyn, on May 25.

    More details about the performance can be found here.

    QUOTE #1: All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks.

    QUOTE #2: But I have swam through libraries and sailed through oceans; I am in earnest; and I will try … There are some preliminaries to settle.

    QUOTE #3: Both are outlaws, even in the lawless seas.

    — all quotes excerpted from “Cetology,” MOBY-DICK, by Herman Melville; artwork above by Rockwell Kent (“Moby Dick Rises”)



    JOIN US for the very first screening of the long-awaited THE SPACE WE MAKE Documentary, chronicling our performance in Upper Jay, NY, last August.

    After months of fine-tuning the film, as well as the painstakingly beautiful musical production of one of our collaborators John Mosloskie, we’re finally excited to reveal the amazing footage and story of this Project, along with the full-length album of original music it birthed.

    Come enjoy the film, the tunes, drinks, and finger foods along with us and our friends and supporters. Plus, we’ll be doing live screen printing of our chair logo, so bring dark clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc) if you want a one of kind piece made on the spot by the directors themselves.



    4-6 PM

    Hope to see you there…

    Love, Caitlin & Simon