While Simon and I never thought for one second this show would be THE WHITE FAIL, we were very cognizant of the fact that we basically ran 2 rehearsals (with everybody) before performing on Saturday night. And though this might be an anxiety-generating kind of schedule for other performance companies… it seems to be THE SPACE WE MAKE’s M-O.

    Quick'n'dirty is how we do it, in other words.


    THE SPACE: The crumbling, basement communal shower room of an abandoned hospital building (now repurposed as the illustrious arts@renaissance art space). Resonant. Strange. A tiled basin giving way to holes in the ceiling. As Justin Allen began the performance in the corner, with banjo pickings and his soulful voice crooning around every nook and cranny of that fishbowl - “black whale… black sea” he sang, whilst I was thinking (in part): “black mold….. all around me.” But whatever. That’s the price you pay for performing in non-traditional settings. (And also I’m pretty sure the black mold was fairly well relegated to the storage closet in the hallway).


    THE MAKERS: We could never work on this kind of timeline, with the little-to-ZERO resources we have (still can’t pay our lovelies – though that’s the goal!! – and all the rest of the $ we need for these projects come out of Simon & my pockets directly :-/ ), if we didn’t have the very best people and performers on our team. Seriously. We pinch ourselves when we think about how lucky we are to be working with these people… and that they actually want to be involved in the weird projects we’ve dreamed up. HUGE thanks to those who made the performance what it is, in its entirety… your beautiful minds and voices and bodies ARE THE SPACE WE MAKE! — @Jenna Riegel @Lea Fulton @ Christina Robson @ John Mosloskie @ Justin Allen @ Emma Wiseman

    Love you guys!

    And to wrap this up… here’s a little glimpse of who these geniuses are: